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Table of Contents

Here are my entries thus far:

Day 1. Ophelia Oftpreg Arrives

Days 2 & 3. Too Eager, Need Advice

Days 4-7. Reading a Romance

Day 8. Meet the Author

Days 9, 10, & 11. Almost….

Days 12 & 13. Burglar!

Days 14-16. Fishing Treasure

Days 17-18. Loss

Days 19-21. Accidental Ingestion

Day 22. Closer…

Days 23-25.  The Experiment Begins…

Days 26-27. Experiment A

Days 28-31.  Toddlerhood

Days 32-36. The Mystery of the Fruit

Days 37-38. From Toddler to Boyhood

Day 39. Mack Daddy?

Day 40. The Bump

Day 41. Visits and Meetings

Day 42. A Very Unexpected Outcome

Days 43-45: The Postman Rings Twice

Days 45.5-47: Arthur’s Crush

Days 48-50. Entangled with Einstein

Day 51. Marrying Einstein

Days 52-54. Settling Down

Days 55-58. Arthur Moves Out

Days 59-61. A Growing Family

Days 62-64. The Grandchild

Days 65-66. Experiment E Arrives

Days 67-69. Birthday Party

Days 70-74. An Emptying Nest

Days 75-83.  No, Really…Who Is Your Daddy?

Days 84-93. In Over Her Head

Days 94-102. The Weird Walk

Days 103-106. Suspicions

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